Twister Trimmer Rentals

Trimming sucks, but doesn't have to. It takes roughly 4 good hand trimmers to do a pound per hour. That's $80 per hour. It will cost you $800 to trim 10 lbs, do the math. Or better don't, just trust us that Ok Garden Supply Ltd. has your best interests covered by saving you money on your harvest.


The Twister T2 is the ultimate work horse, trimming around 8-10lbs per hour. Nothing cuts closer, that fast. A beast when it's ran in tandem, 20lbs per hour, trimming heavy commercial harvests in hours, what would normally take days to finish. This machine shows up ready to work, doesn't need coffee breaks, smoke breaks, cell breaks, or lunch. Reliable every time.


The Twister T4 is the newest addition, and it's trimming around 4-5lbs per hour. It's precision is unrivaled, and ran tandem is capable of 10-11 lbs per hour!


Ok Garden Supply Ltd guarantees you will love this compact trimmer so much, we have a buyers incentive program attached to our rental program. If you love it, we will deduct your rental charge from the price of a brand new T4.


The T4 will also fit in almost any car, even a sidecar on a motorcycle!


Rent one of our automated Twister Trimmers at Ok Garden Supply Ltd to cut down on time and costs. If you're looking at leaning production costs, this is a great way to do it.


Our used Twister Trimmers are always for sale too, inquire within stores for pricing and availability. Come on by and check out one today!


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