Free Delivery

Delivery Service

At OK Garden Supply we love happy customers! We set ourselves apart from other hydroponic speciality stores by making sure all our customers have their problems solved, and their needs met in a discreet and timely way.

The staff at OK Garden Supply want to make your lives easier by offering pick up and delivery services. If you're in a hurry save time by calling or emailing us ahead of time and we will pull your products off the shelves and have them ready on a cart for you to pick up. Don't feel like driving to pick up supplies? For a small fee of $50 we will deliver your purchase within 50 km's, or if your purchase totals $500 or more it is free. Simply email in your order and we respond with an email confirming your order, cost, delivery time, and location. We accept cash, debit, credit card and meet you at your garden site, parking lot, or scheduled location with our discreet unmarked vehicle. This also includes deliveries for renting our Twister trimming machines. Safe and secure, it's really that easy!

Spend more time in your garden and leave the running around to us. OK Garden Supply makes purchasing and renting hydroponic supplies seamless and easy for our customers.